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Seasonal Roofing Checklist

Homeowners want nothing more than a roofing system that lasts forever and is in good condition year in year out. However, this cannot be entirely fulfilled because each roofing system has its own life expectancy and at times will get damaged beyond repair. Nevertheless, the roofing expectancy may be increased by just maintaining it now and then. When doing residential roofing maintenance, there are things that you need to check so as to ensure that the roofing West Vancouver is in top-notch condition. This article therefore will delve into the things that you ought to look out while doing residential roofing maintenance.


Gutters are those waterways that transport weather elements, which have been collected by the roofs, according to top Delaware roofing contractors. The gutters are very important components in the roofing system as they remove the water from the roof and ensure safe disposal. Therefore, whenever your roof starts to leak, they are the first suspect that you need to look out for. Whenever they are clogged or leaking, they cause water damage to your house, which can lead to great losses. Therefore, be on the constant loom out for your gutters, clear them if clogged, repair broken ones, and replace those that are beyond repair.

Overhanging vegetation

Overhanging vegetation like tree branches are a notorious causes of residential roofing damage. This is because they hold on to weather elements and constantly pours them onto the roof. In addition, they produce debris, which are a hazard for the roofs. To make matters worse these overhanging vegetation in case they break and fall on roofs they may cause roof damage thus costing you a huge chunk of your money. Therefore, all you to do in order to manage them is just trimming them down or clearing them altogether.


Flashing are one of the most essential roofing components when it comes to preventing leaks from your roof. They are responsible for sealing your house from any leaks thus protecting you form water damage. Therefore, whenever you are doing a residential roofing inspection, you need to look if they are missing, dented, or bent, as that’s a clear sign that your roof is about to leak. All you need to correct the situation is by just replacing them with new ones or repairing them to their original condition.


After a residential roof has served for a long time, it is prone to losing its shingles one by one. This is a clear sign for disaster. In addition, sometimes when they get old they break thus damaging the roofing. Therefore, you need to check their condition while maintaining your roof, replace them if they are missing or repair the broken ones.